5 Star Scholarships

From time to time we all experience financial problems. Here at 5 Star Performance Academy we want every child to reach their full potential regardless of background or situation. This is why we have developed the 5 Star Scholarships. We raise funds through different means such as charging for performances, raffles, one off events and other fund raising ideas. This money is then put into the scholarship fund. Parents/Carers can then apply to the scholarship fund for up to 75% help towards termly fees.


  • We ask that you only ask for the amount of help that you need. If you only require say 25% of help towards fees then please only ask for that amount as then other pupils can benefit from the fund.
  • We decide on a case by case basis and all detail will be kept confidential
  • We ask that if you are rewarded a scholarship that you keep this confidential and as an agreement between yourselves and 5 Star. We find that this avoids stigmas.
  • We think that it is only fair that those families who receive a Scholarship will be expected to help with future fundraising (i.e. give up some time to help out on stalls or promote activities).

If you would like to apply to the Scholarship fund then please fill out the form below. Some of the questions maybe personal but all details will be kept confidential and are used to access your need for a Scholarship.

Unfortunately this form is not available – please contact us by email for more information.