Helping each pupil to reach their potential

photo-75 Star Performance Academy classes are aimed at 7 to 16 years olds. The Academy is split into 3 age relevant classes – Junior (7 to 8 years old), Intermediate (9 to 11 years old) and Seniors (12 to 16 years old). These are weekly fun 3 hour classes in singing, dancing and acting (1 hour of each). Our Primary aim is to raise the potential of every child and these classes are aimed at not only improving performance skills but also confidence and self esteem. Each hour class in singing, dancing and acting has their own skilled teacher who specialises in their field and has often been a professional performer.

web5In Acting classes they will often learn a script, improvise scenes, improve team skills and develop their acting skills further. Each pupil will be give the opportunity to audition for a main part and all students will be involved in the end of term productions.

In Dance classes students will learn how to do a full warm up, learn different dance steps and routines to different styles and genre of music.

web2Singing classes will improve students vocal technique, their range, pitch and tone as well as introduce them to different styles from musicals to pop, rock and classical.

At an extra cost every term pupils will be invited to go to the theatre to watch some of the quality theatre produced in this country and get the chance to watch how the professional ‘do it’.

At the end of each term pupils will prepare for friends and family a presentation, special event or performance often with costumes, lights and music. Parents will be give the opportunity to speak with their teachers to update them about their child’s progress.


Fees are paid in advance for the 12 week term (however 3 instalments can be accepted) and cover all materials and costs.

Each 12 week term costs £120 (£11 per session if paid weekly)

If you want to pay by 3 installments they are: £60 (50%) due on/before first day of term, £30 (25%) due 1 month after, £30 (25%) due 2 months after.

Places usually go well in advance of the start of term. You may be asked to pay a deposit of £20 to reserve your child’s place in the classes however this will be taken off the total amount of that terms fees. If you leave part way through the term you will still have to pay the full terms fees and will not be due any refunds.